Monday Motivation: Repetition with variation


Broxbourne mooring 2One of my favourite definitions of art is that it is repetition with variation. There are, we all sadly acknowledge, no new ideas in the world – just old ones presented in new ways.

These thoughts recurred on a trip in our narrowboat up and down the Lee Navigation. The Lee – or Lea – is a river that runs down through Essex and east London into the Thames at Limehouse Basin. It is not always the most beautiful waterway. For miles it skulks along through a modern industrial landscape: large featureless buildings with names that give away nothing of whatever’s happening within, flanked by car parks. One of the few idiosyncratic – that is to say, human – features of this long industrial corridor is a tiny workmen’s café, cheerfully offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, squeezed in between enormous factories.

But I digress…

Repetition with variation… The same old…

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